Reserve Your Date

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Reserve Your Date

from 150.00

Want to reserve our team for your date but need more time to finalize all the details you and your girls will want?

No worries! Reserve your Date with a small flat deposit to hold the spot. You’ll receive:

  • Confirmation that your hair and makeup team is reserved

  • You get up to an additional 60 days to discuss options with your girls, add their head count to the day’s agenda, and pay your half-down deposit (minus today’s $150).

  • Peace of mind knowing no one else can then take your date and time while you finalize all the other details

BLACK FRIDAY BONUS - Book by midnight on 11/23 (for any event date) and receive:

  • FREE custom lashes for the Bride!

  • $20 OFF per Attendant (booking hair, makeup & lashes)

    OR $5 OFF per individual service (just hair but no makeup, etc)

Reserve date for:
Reserve My Wedding

Whether your girls will all end up with the same services, or different style, we have to get your wedding date reserved.

Once your date is booked, you can discuss with your bridal party what you would like them to do with their hair, the style of makeup you’re going for, and they can add on services as they choose.

The deposit guarantees our availability not only for your DATE, but for your NUMBER of people being booked, and ensures we reserve enough team members on our side to cover your day. Yes, you can book just yourself, and the girls can add on later, but all appointment slots are first-come, first-served, so if we get your booking and it’s just for 1 person, we are only going to designate one stylist for your event, leaving the rest of the team members free to be booked on other events. If you decide to add more people on later, and the rest of the team has by then been booked out, we will not be able to accommodate you.

This is why it is important to start with as close to a head count as possible, and why our deposits are based on this number.