Beauty Tip ~ Grooming for your Groomsmen!

Wedding Day is one of the most important days of you and your grooms’ life.  You want those hundreds of professional photos to be something you are proud to look back on – so looking your best is obviously critical.  Of course when it comes to brides and bridesmaids - us ladies spend days, weeks, and some maybe months planning and prepping to look as fabulous as we possibly can (with the help of pros like the Beauty Boutique ~ Glam Squad!).


This Beauty Tip Thursday we want to touch on the importance of grooming the Groomsmen!  Of course there are endless Do’s + Don’ts ~ but we want to share just some of our favorite helpful and vital tips to getting your Groom looking fine and dapper on the big day.



  • Avoid Trendy Hairstyles – stick to a classic / timeless cut.  A trendy coif can make your wedding photos looking dated as the fads change over the years.
  • Don’t wait til the last minute – Have your guys hair cut about a week before the wedding.  This will give the cut some time to relax/grow in – or – give your man time for some last minute changes.
  • Don’t forget to remind your groomsmen – They will be in the pics too, so make sure they know to begin thinking about a haircut, shaving, skincare routine (and that’s where we can come in)!


  • Do seek professional help – Ha, ha, ha – for the grooming!  The extra cost will be worth it. Make sure the stylist know he is getting a haircut for a wedding he’s in so they'll pay extra attention to detail. Get tips on how to fix last minute mess ups and what are the best products to use.
  • Get a Good Night Sleep – Think about having the bachelor party a week or more before – you don’t want your groom to be hungover and not looking rested for the big day.
  • Shave - If a beard is part of your grooms’ everyday look, he should keep it.  Be sure to have him have it professionally trimmed and shaped. If he normally is clean shaven or a dons a scruffy look, go with the clean shave. A properly trimmed face will make you look well groomed and fresh.

One more big tip:  For any destination wedding or summer event – DON’T forget to wear sunscreen!  One of our funniest and most favorite “Grooming a Groomsman” stories was when we had a fella come and ask us if we could airbrush makeup is head…He was in Key West on vacation and went on a fishing trip with the rest of the guys the day before, apparently sans sunscreen…he did remember to wear a visor which in turn left a silly tan line on his bald head! 


Now that you know some of our tips – you should know how we can help!  Beauty Boutique can come to you – we offer Men's manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing, facials, back facials, massages, and cover up makeup ~ we are discreet too!


Beauty Tip Thursday ~ The New Up-Do

About to be a bride or bridesmaid?  To ensure your wedding photos are looking glam and fabulous, you want you, and your girls, looking just that!

Many brides these days are requesting that their girls wear their hair up (especially for destination weddings where weather, wind, and humidity are unpredictable)…some ladies may cringe at the thought of wearing  a ponytail, pulling their hair/bangs back, or even baring shoulders.

But rest assured – just because it is an “Up-Do” doesn't mean your hair has to be on top of your head!  Here at  Beauty Boutique we know our glam...Have a look at some of these chic and sassy styles, and tell us your fave!

Chignons, Big Buns, and Braids…Oh My!

Key West, Florida

Can you say, "Blonde Bombshell"??


Add a fascinator or faux bloom clip to any style and it is sure to pop!  Plus, they can be worn again - surprise your hubby for your one year anniversary with a similar style and reuse your clip!



Loving the dual effects of this hairstyle, the long pony gives it the look of wearing it down, without all the worry of it falling flat...




We are excited to announce that these fabulous ladies below in blue, were just featured in the oh-so-popular Style Me Pretty Blog!  We can see why they are gorgeous!  

Are you loving their up-do style?

View More:


Beauty Boutique wants you to get your hair up with some of these fab new styles that are perfect transitional looks, chic options, and practical – especially for a tropical climate or destination wedding.

Whether it’s your wedding day, prom, or that special night on the town, let *US* help you find the right “do” that will be sure to turn heads! 

What is your favorite?

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