The New Seya Pro Beauty Case

When you're a mobile beauty team constantly on the go, you have to rely on your tools to get you there and make easy work of glamming up gorgeous girls all day.  

Seya Makeup Case

We recently added the Seya Pro makeup case to our lineup of mobile kits in our team, so we thought we'd share a little review for anyone considering this brand, or for our brides at home who just never meet a lipstick they didn't love and want a more organized way to store it all in a limited amount of space.  

There's a saying that you can never buy a big enough case, but this baby just might bend that mold a bit.  


For our team members who do both hair and makeup, it was able to hold everything!

Stackable makeup case

From hot tools (curling irons, flat irons, curling wands) and hair products (hair spray of various holds, pins and elastics and clips of all kinds), to all manner of palettes, powders, brushes, blenders, paint pots, moisturizers, foundations, pencils, and lip products of all shades. 

It has 3 top removable sections with hard shells that can be stacked on top of one another and locked down to build up to the desired height and capacity.  

Each section locks and the case comes with two keys so you can keep your products safe (or, if nothing else, keep the locks from ever coming accidentally undone while getting jostled about.

The shallow top divider section holds low-profile items and fits under the lid on the top section.


There is also a slightly smaller sub-section that came with it's own carrying bag that nestles down into the large lower portion of the case on top of two metal "lips" that it rests on inside the big bottom section.  It is not visible from the outside as a fourth section, but sort of "cradles" within as another spot to divide up various items. 


The large bottom section has interior elastic loops to keep your upright products in place, and is quite expansive, suitable for arranging plastic containers of various shapes and sizes.


First impressions were good.  The case itself is sturdy and the vinyl finish has a somewhat matte-finish appearance, but wiped off easily when product got on it.  We really like the two-tone black-on-black appearance.  It looks sleek and professional and doesn't add any unnecessary distractions in the background if it does happen to show up in the wedding photos during the getting-ready shots. 

Seya handle

The handle has a somewhat "grippy" feel but isn't totally rubberized, so it doesn't "pull" on your hand when rolling it around or picking it up.  

The only negatives were that it did have somewhat of a "chemical-y" smell straight out of the packaging.


We had to let it air out a bit, and wiped it down with soapy water to tone down the strange smell.  It wasn't so bad that it affected an entire room, but it was definitely noticeable up close. 


And while we were expecting somewhat of a "nesting" effect when stacking the blocks on top of each other, the sections actually just hover edge-to-edge, so you have to be careful when stacking them back together, lest you mis-thread the bottom of one with the top of another and your side latch doesn't match up exactly.  If we could change one thing about the design of this, it would be for those sections to "snap" smartly together so you didn't have to fumble with them - especially when in a hurry!


The retractable handle is reminiscent of a suitcase handle, though admittedly not as robust.  While it has so far done the job a few weeks in as of this review, it has a teeny bit of "flex" in it when the case it fully loaded (which...let's just be real...when will it ever NOT be full?), so it did leave us to wonder how long until the handle would have to be replaced.  Good news is the case does come with a warranty! 


Also in keeping with the "rollerboard bag" design, are the four multi-directional wheels, allowing the case to be wheeled perpendicular to the ground.  


This might seem like a small thing, but with our arms usually full of tables, foldable makeup chairs, mirrors, cell phones, wedding schedules, and any other manner of tote-able items, it is nice to have "one lest thing" pulling down on our arms.  


It can be scooted alongside while traipsing down hotel corridors and rolling up resort driveways.  

Seya case wheels

The dividers in each section are a rigid plastic or very dense fiberboard material with rubber "bumpers" that hold everything in place.  The "bumpers" also serve as divider channels so you can move the dividers around in any configuration you want.  While they are pre-cut to size, we never found ourselves wanting of a different length in the customization process.  

Seya makeup case dividers
Seya foam lipstick hole divider

There is also a foam panel with holes in it of variable depths, so you can insert lipsticks or nail polish for easy transport.  We tend to use lip palettes and liners, so this wasn't as practical for us, but we could see it being really useful for a nail technician.  

At full capacity, the case does get quite heavy, especially with the Temptu Airbrush compressor, so one idea was that the case could be split into two sections for hauling up stairs.

detail of case.jpg

The only bummer was, it only comes with one lid, which would thus leave the bottom section exposed on top.  This was actually an easy problem to solve, however, as a quick call to Seya found that we could special order a second lid at an affordable rate, and they shipped it out to us for this purpose.  

Overall, we're happy with the new addition.  Look for it during YOUR Florida Keys wedding!