Back to School Beauty Loot

Drawing cute designs with a plastic protractor was fun and all, but now it's time to use your creative skills in a new way.   


If you've been scared to try your hand at shaping your own brows, these Brow Stencils from Anastasia are the way to go.  Their amazing Brow Pomade also makes it easy to match your desired shade and take your arches from flailing, to fly!

(Find these at )

(Find these at



You've seen the funky colors by Mac, but maybe you're not sure you're ready to go all out on the high-end lavender or coral lipsticks just yet.  Channel your inner science class smarty pants and let's get mixing! 

Crayon color lipstick

While the kids are scribbling outside the lines, grab your own handful of Crayolas and treat yourself to a spunky end-of-summer look!

Make colored lipstick with crayola and coconut oil


Remember that one kid in class who liked to drizzle glue all over his hand and then gross the girls out by pretending his skin was peeling off?  (okay so yeah we secretly kinda thought it was cool). 

Anyway, it turns out there's more to Elmers that meets the eye! 

Elmers Glue Peel off glitter

If you love to shimmy up the sparkle factor, but hate how much work it is to get the glitter off the nails, this is one school supply you must get! 

BACKPACK !  (minus the "back")

All those small fries are strutting' around the neighborhood like they own the place.  And why not?  A snazzy new nap sack can put a little perk in your step!

So we say take that perk and step right into a new custom monogrammed makeup bag, courtesy of  TinyRoseBoutique.  These adorable makeup cases feature a variety of colors and patterns, and are embroidered to your specifics.  

Monogrammed bags by  Tiny Rose Boutique

Monogrammed bags by Tiny Rose Boutique

So there you have it!  While you may be missing the days of Letter People, Playground Recess, and Finger Paints, you can still celebrate Back to School with these cool new Beauty Tools!