Winter Weather Prep Perfect for You!

The cool weather has set in, and winter is here whether we like it or not (even in the Florida Keys, we still get a “cold-front”, as we call it, once in a while!).  You know what we're talking about, that time of year when lips are chapped and hair/skin are dry! It is the time of year when your skin, hair, muscles and joints are changing and adapting to the cooler weather.  BBB has the perfect fix for you ~ Out very own 'Winter Preparedness Tips'

We offer a fabulous Salt Glow, Massages, Facials, and of course Spray Tans and Lip Treatments.

Let our Glam Squad Team make you look and feel picture perfect with our winter packages!  Here are just SOME of the benefits!

Our Salt Glow:


Removes dead skin cells with a wonderful exfoliating process. Leaves skin soft and with a beautiful glow!

The Hydrating Facial:

ImageHelps remove dry skin, reduces pores, while giving YOUR skin a look that IS and FEELS fresh and clean (no extractions!).  Save your skin, it is the only one you get!

The Massage ~ Deep Tissue:


Works out all problem areas such as a stiff neck, back pain, sore shoulders, and stiff joints.  A perfect way to loosen up your muscles and get you moving again!

The Scalp Treatment:


Helps rid the scalp and head of pesky dry flakes  & Leaves your hair silky, shiny, and super soft!

The Spray Tan:


Helps give you that perfect sun-kissed look, while avoiding the damaging effects of the harsh sun! Custom blended to match your skin tone (Won’t leave you orange).

Just about every dermatologist will recommend sunless tanner over actual sun exposure for that bright summer glow. Exfoliating before you spray tan can help the product go on more smoothly, which will keep your tan from looking streaky or splotchy. In just minutes, achieve the natural tanned look of a week on the beach sans sun damage!

The Lip Treatment:


Helps rid lips of dry skin & prevents cracking Leaves lips perfect for lipstick And oh, so Kissable!

Special Alert!  Book now, before you start making your Valentine’s Day plans! If you sign up for the Salt Glow, Facial, Scalp Treatment, and Spray Tan you will receive a special 15 % off and receive a Lip Treatment free!

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