Beauty Tip Thursday ~ Fab Fall Nail Trends!

The new season of fall is right around the corner - so only natural here at Beauty Boutique we get a head start on some of the season's hottest trends!

You know we love a good mani + pedi, so let us start with the nails and the colors that make them looking, oh so HOT!

But first, out number one tip (for your tips, wink*wink) is go au natural or shellac/gel nails aka no more acryillc.  Why?  Shellac or Gel nails are done just like regular polish,

It is done like nail polish, but lasts up to two weeks without chipping!  It also comes in ever color or clear so you can change yourself. Acrylics are becoming more and more out of date, can cause your nails to get brittle and thin, and look faux.

Lets talk about the best accessory for Fall...lacquer!

Metallics are coming in this fall, here are some hot holographic hues for you to try:

For the Twill of It, Essie


Lavender Luster, Maybelline N.Y. Color Show


Kaleidoscope, Chanel


We saw lots of Jewel-Tones and will be seeing them again - this tried and true hue is the perfect way to show your bright and bold side!

Neve, Zoya


Bewitched, Laura Mercier


Charmed I'm Sure, China Glaze


Grays are definitely IN this fall - many more than just 50 shades to chose from varying from dark to light!  Here are some great grays...
Galathee, Nars
Dorien Grey, Sally Hansen Complete
Gris Deco, YSL La Laque Coutoure
Rose Gold is not only THE trend of the season, don't stop at your wrist for wearing this shade, go gold on your nails!
Penny Talk, Essie
Charm #112, Marc Jacobs
Chestnuts About You, OPI by Sephora
images (1)
What is your fave fall nail trend??