How to Fix Shattered Eyeshadow

It's Beauty Tip Thursday here at The Beauty Insider.  Today we ask the question, "have you ever dropped one of your favorite eyeshadows and had it shatter into a million messy pieces?"  If you are like us, then we are sure that the answer is an overwhelming YES!!!  We have done this on many, many occasions and either have thrown the eyeshadow out completely or carried the remnants around in a little bag.  Well,we are here to say those days of paying for an expensive eyeshadow and then throwing it away before you even got to use it are over!   We are going to save the day, your sanity, and of course, your hard-earned money. We came across this handy tip on Pinterest, our new favorite website.  It featured a link to a makeup tutorial from Kandee Johnson on YouTube on how to repair your shattered eyeshadows.  After watching the video a few times and wondering if it was too good to be true, we decided to try it out on one of our many shattered eyeshadows from M.A.C.  This works best for single palette eye shadow or larger, but can be used for other types.

Here we go...

For this beauty experiment, you will need the following simple tools, which you should have lying around your house:

  • shattered eyeshadow
  • coin {I used an American quarter}
  • rubbing alcohol {70% or higher...the higher the percentage, the faster the drying time}
  • tissue or soft cloth
  • butter knife or spoon
  • medicine squirter or other squeeze-type container {an empty, clean travel shampoo bottle works well}
  • {not pictured} plastic bag or plastic wrap

Step 1:

Place the shattered makeup carefully into the plastic bag holding the plastic carefully over the top.


 Step 2:

Hold the plastic tightly across the top of the eyeshadow and with the back of the butter knife or end of a spoon, smash all the remaining bits of eyeshadow into a fine powder.


Step 3:

When the eyeshadow looks like this, you’re ready to go.  Pull the eyeshadow out of the plastic bag and place on top of the bag.  This will help prevent any shadow "dust" from getting on your work space.

 Step 4:

Using the medicine squirter or squeeze bottle,  put a couple squirts (4-8 drops depending on size of eyeshadow) of rubbing alcohol into the broken eyeshadow.  You want to make sure the eyeshadow is completely is throughly damp, but not saturated, with the rubbing alcohol.

Step 5:

Now put the tissue or cloth on top of the eyeshadow and put the coin on top of that.  It sometimes helps if you put a dab of running alcohol on the cloth before putting the coin on top just to add a little more moisture.   Press down hard with the coin...remember, you’re re-compacting the eyeshadow, so don’t be shy.  You can also go around the inner sides of the shadow to re-compact the powder all the way around.

 Step 6:

Voila...enjoy your "new" eyeshadow!

This really works!  You will want to let your eyeshadow drying completely before using it.  Generally, it takes a few hours to dry, depending on how saturated it was during the process.  We let ours dry overnight just to be sure and now, it looks like new!  This tip is especially good for any shadows that you have that may be discontinued and cannot be replaced.

{Special thanks to Kandee Johnson, makeup artist extraordinaire for her handy makeup tutorial and for the original blog post and the photos}