The Glam Squad's New Groove!

We are excited to be working on this newest version of our website, and along with that, an updated look for our branding in general.  The previous site has served us well for many years, but it was time for a change.  With the advents of Social Media, Smartphones, and a trend toward a more Simplistic style of design, we decided to explore a new layout and update the content. 

Our former logo did not encompass our full branding potential, lacking the signature "Glam Squad" titling.  The new logo is still fun and spunky while remaining true to the original wedding-friendly vibe.




We are still getting comfortable with the new look, so we created several variations that we're using in different ways (website, invoices, email signatures, etc) to see what feels right.  Which one jumps out at you?  


Brides, you can now do your beauty planning right from your Smart Phone, as the site is now fully mobile responsive.  



Emails and phone calls are great, but sometimes it's nice to just have everything in one place.  This is why we're excited that the new website also has a new client portal feature, which will allow you to log in to your "account", update your Wedding Questionnaire, see your invoice, print a receipt, check your timeline, and other beauty-related activities.  

We will continue updating the new site with various features.  Proposed ideas include a page featuring each one of our Stylists and Makeup Artists, a Calendar page so you can check out where we'll be next, and Beauty Inspiration boards.  Stay tuned as the updates continue.  If you have a suggestion, let us know!

A Look Back On a Favorite | Janey + Phillip

Earlier this month we revealed that chose us for their annual People's Choice Awards!!  And while we showcased some of our favorite moments from 2014, we wanted to continue to 'Share the Love' to you!
See what our April couple, Janey & Phillip, had to say!  AND we will share some of the amazing photos from this dream day. We hope you enjoy!
"Kim and the Squad made us look BEAUTIFUL. Every bride wants to feel amazing on her wedding day, but I didn't expect to feel as incredible as I did. Kim worked with me to get a glamorous, yet natural look and she nailed it! Thank you for everything!"
We will happliy take credit for the handy work of Janey's "GLAM", but want to give a shout to all the other vendors that made this day a dream for the happy couple!
Flowers | Milan Florist
Catering | Catered Affairs
Venue | Private Home on Cudjoe Key

Favorite Fall Trends

The summer has come and gone, and now it is time to get up on the hottest trends of the season! Beauty Boutique wants to show you how we can help you succeed!

We are seeing lots of Metallics, Bold Lashes, Serious Eyebrows, and more!

Last Fall, we saw an abundance Metallics and Jewel Tones for nails. (we even blogged about it!) This trend is still on point, but we love incorporating it into our shadows and even liners!  Here are some great ways to take advantage of this super chic and shiny look...and while some of these ideas may be a little extreme for your 'everyday' look, it is always fun to get some inspiration!


If the idea of attempting these gives you anxiety - that is what our Glam Squad is here for, we can help you look your finest for any occasion, from date night to holiday party!

96561bb4ffb7040cc322cffe097cf236 4c88d1a7dd6967174a295e40bd6c814c

We are seeing lots of big brows these days!  A perfect brow can change the entire look of your face, it's what frames those beautiful eyes you have!  Here are some looks we saw during Fashion Week and will probably continue to see throughout the season.


A great brow takes maintenance, patience, and practice.  Consult your Glam Squad on how to get the perfect shape for you and your face!


Lashes are another staple to your perfected fall/winter look - you can go faux or layer on your favorite mascara!

We have our faves, what are yours?

d28637e9a52ab64d4695c563420cd37aWhat are some other trends you are seeing out there that you adore?  A red lip is classic, but what about a bold berry hue?

We love hearing from you, especially when it comes to getting GLAM!!!

Let our Glam Squad Team make you look and feel picture perfect!

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Favorite Products!

I was recently “tasked” by our Glam-expert, Kim, to put some of her favorite summer products to the test.  These must-have beauty essentials are sure to get your skin looking fresh and clean this summer.  Think of all the damage you take in on a daily basis?  You take the time to brush and floss, now why not spend some time taking care of your skin?  It is the only one you get! Glam-Glow-BrightMud-Eye-Treatment


Let’s start with my favorite…the GlamGlow masks!  These masks are incredible!  I got to try the BrightMud, YouthMask, and the ThirtsyMud.  Let me tell you how great these products are, extremely refreshing on your face, while really tightening the pores, all with a gently exfoliation.  You can actually see the oil pulling out as the mask dries…Love this product!  I especially enjoyed the little tingle from the YouthMask.


The Dermashine body creams are also magnificent!  They’re made with drops of vitamins A, C, and E that will gently burst as you apply to your skin, providing a deep hyrdrations and lovely scent!  These creams are perfect for everyday use, especially those rough spots like elbows and heels.  If you are looking to reduce dryness and love sweet scents like Strawberry and Acai or Peach and Pomegranate – give these a try!


I have naturally straight hair, so I gave this next product to a friend to try that could find it useful…Aveda’s Smooth Infusion.  It is a great product that protects the hair and “makes it feel like you just left the salon.” This is a great staple for your everyday hair straightening regime.  You can buy the whole suite of shampoo, conditioner, and gloss.  Protects your hair from heat and is made by Aveda, two great “wins” in my book!



Now onto another product I could benefit from, the Agadir Moisture Masque!  This moisture mask really does deliver! It makes a difference by helping hair look healthier and shinier.  Its ultra-rich, deep conditioning masque moisturizes while repairing damaged hair.  It also is supposed to help prevent future damage.  Love it!


Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15 Moisture Tint is a mineral-based formula to hydrate, protect and cover up to smooth out complexion imperfections, including large pores, fine lines and discoloration. Algae extract soothes and keeps your skin soft while jojoba oil shields against free-radical damage that can cause premature aging.   If you love a sun-kissed glow without caking on make-up, this is the stuff for you!  This product has a light feel on my skin which is great for hot, humid weather, like the Keys!  It will give your skin a wonderful look and feel without looking like you have on makeup.

So, have you personally tried any of these great products?  If so, what are your favorites/reviews?  If not, we recommend you get started!

Hope our Glam Tips help you this summer to look young, fresh, and FAB!

Winter Weather Prep Perfect for You!

The cool weather has set in, and winter is here whether we like it or not (even in the Florida Keys, we still get a “cold-front”, as we call it, once in a while!).  You know what we're talking about, that time of year when lips are chapped and hair/skin are dry! It is the time of year when your skin, hair, muscles and joints are changing and adapting to the cooler weather.  BBB has the perfect fix for you ~ Out very own 'Winter Preparedness Tips'

We offer a fabulous Salt Glow, Massages, Facials, and of course Spray Tans and Lip Treatments.

Let our Glam Squad Team make you look and feel picture perfect with our winter packages!  Here are just SOME of the benefits!

Our Salt Glow:


Removes dead skin cells with a wonderful exfoliating process. Leaves skin soft and with a beautiful glow!

The Hydrating Facial:

ImageHelps remove dry skin, reduces pores, while giving YOUR skin a look that IS and FEELS fresh and clean (no extractions!).  Save your skin, it is the only one you get!

The Massage ~ Deep Tissue:


Works out all problem areas such as a stiff neck, back pain, sore shoulders, and stiff joints.  A perfect way to loosen up your muscles and get you moving again!

The Scalp Treatment:


Helps rid the scalp and head of pesky dry flakes  & Leaves your hair silky, shiny, and super soft!

The Spray Tan:


Helps give you that perfect sun-kissed look, while avoiding the damaging effects of the harsh sun! Custom blended to match your skin tone (Won’t leave you orange).

Just about every dermatologist will recommend sunless tanner over actual sun exposure for that bright summer glow. Exfoliating before you spray tan can help the product go on more smoothly, which will keep your tan from looking streaky or splotchy. In just minutes, achieve the natural tanned look of a week on the beach sans sun damage!

The Lip Treatment:


Helps rid lips of dry skin & prevents cracking Leaves lips perfect for lipstick And oh, so Kissable!

Special Alert!  Book now, before you start making your Valentine’s Day plans! If you sign up for the Salt Glow, Facial, Scalp Treatment, and Spray Tan you will receive a special 15 % off and receive a Lip Treatment free!

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Beauty Tip Thursday ~ Fab Fall Nail Trends!

The new season of fall is right around the corner - so only natural here at Beauty Boutique we get a head start on some of the season's hottest trends!

You know we love a good mani + pedi, so let us start with the nails and the colors that make them looking, oh so HOT!

But first, out number one tip (for your tips, wink*wink) is go au natural or shellac/gel nails aka no more acryillc.  Why?  Shellac or Gel nails are done just like regular polish,

It is done like nail polish, but lasts up to two weeks without chipping!  It also comes in ever color or clear so you can change yourself. Acrylics are becoming more and more out of date, can cause your nails to get brittle and thin, and look faux.

Lets talk about the best accessory for Fall...lacquer!

Metallics are coming in this fall, here are some hot holographic hues for you to try:

For the Twill of It, Essie


Lavender Luster, Maybelline N.Y. Color Show


Kaleidoscope, Chanel


We saw lots of Jewel-Tones and will be seeing them again - this tried and true hue is the perfect way to show your bright and bold side!

Neve, Zoya


Bewitched, Laura Mercier


Charmed I'm Sure, China Glaze


Grays are definitely IN this fall - many more than just 50 shades to chose from varying from dark to light!  Here are some great grays...
Galathee, Nars
Dorien Grey, Sally Hansen Complete
Gris Deco, YSL La Laque Coutoure
Rose Gold is not only THE trend of the season, don't stop at your wrist for wearing this shade, go gold on your nails!
Penny Talk, Essie
Charm #112, Marc Jacobs
Chestnuts About You, OPI by Sephora
images (1)
What is your fave fall nail trend??

Beauty Tip ~ Find Your Bridal Style!

What is your bridal style? Whether you have been dreaming up your idea of the perfect wedding your entire life, or, are just ready to elope - every bride must ask herself...What is my bridal style? You want to express you and your partners uniqueness for the big day - but you certainly do not want to have too much going on, you want to have a classy, subtle approach when deciding on your theme. 

There are many to choose from, but when you have a stylist (like us!) we can help put the look together and give it that flawless finish.

Here at Beauty Boutique, we cannot stress enough to make the look come together and not look thrown together.

Some of the popular themes/styles we are seeing a lot of are: Island Chic, Hollywood Glam, Princess Bride, Vintage Chic, Country Glam, or Timeless Beauty. 

As a bride, you want to make sure you look picture perfect from head to toe. Yes! This means manis & pedis too!

You can visit our gallery of pics from past weddings...but we do want to share just a few of our favorite themes from our squad...

Island Chic:


Hollywood Glam:



Princess Bride:




Vintage Chic:


Country Glam:


Timeless Beauty:


You found the perfect partner to spend your life with, now just make sure you have YOUR style to help set the perfect memories...

 Which look do you adore?

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Cheers to Two Years for the Orrs!

Hello & Happy Monday Beauty Insiders!!

Today is a very special day ~ it marks the 2 year wedding anniversary of Nadene + Trevor Orr.  One half of this wonderful duo is our very beloved Nadene!  We are thrilled to have been a part of such a special day for these two.  BB & the Glam Squad have the pleasure of working with Nadene (We've Got the Keys Wedding and Event Planning's illustrious President & CEO) through various events and weddings.  

We were lucky enough to take the trip to Grand Haven Michigan 2 years ago, not only as her personal stylist - but as guests of the wedding too!  What a fab event, we had so much fun!


It was so special to see one of my dear friends get married to her true love.  We had so much fun AND we have pics thanks to Studio 6.23!

You have to see some of the photos from getting Nadene all glammed up to go meet Trevor!  She was as stunning as can be and just so happy!
We adored the aesthetics of this wedding - from the navy + lime green color combo to their flowers to decor was everything was surely perfection!
Grand Haven City Park 
Anyone who knows Nadene, knows she has a love for all things Kermit, so it was only natural that he was there too!
Me, my husband Carlos, and our little one Kiley Mae had a BLAST!  We certainly did it up in the photobooth!
Please join me in sending love to these two - here is to many more years of wedded bliss and happiness!
Thank you Studio 6.23 for the wonderful photos and a shoutout to the rest of the crew that helped with this special event!  Invitations and welcome bag tags - by Danette;  Welcome party at The Kirby – in Grand Haven MI; Flowers – Beth Gumina; Video – Coastline Studios; Band – Josh and the Empty Pockets; Day of Coordination – Pearls Events; Ceremony Site – Grand Haven City Park; Reception Venue – Harbourfront Grand Hall; Officiant – Bob Kleinheksel; Linens BBJ

Beauty Tip ~ Grooming for your Groomsmen!

Wedding Day is one of the most important days of you and your grooms’ life.  You want those hundreds of professional photos to be something you are proud to look back on – so looking your best is obviously critical.  Of course when it comes to brides and bridesmaids - us ladies spend days, weeks, and some maybe months planning and prepping to look as fabulous as we possibly can (with the help of pros like the Beauty Boutique ~ Glam Squad!).


This Beauty Tip Thursday we want to touch on the importance of grooming the Groomsmen!  Of course there are endless Do’s + Don’ts ~ but we want to share just some of our favorite helpful and vital tips to getting your Groom looking fine and dapper on the big day.



  • Avoid Trendy Hairstyles – stick to a classic / timeless cut.  A trendy coif can make your wedding photos looking dated as the fads change over the years.
  • Don’t wait til the last minute – Have your guys hair cut about a week before the wedding.  This will give the cut some time to relax/grow in – or – give your man time for some last minute changes.
  • Don’t forget to remind your groomsmen – They will be in the pics too, so make sure they know to begin thinking about a haircut, shaving, skincare routine (and that’s where we can come in)!


  • Do seek professional help – Ha, ha, ha – for the grooming!  The extra cost will be worth it. Make sure the stylist know he is getting a haircut for a wedding he’s in so they'll pay extra attention to detail. Get tips on how to fix last minute mess ups and what are the best products to use.
  • Get a Good Night Sleep – Think about having the bachelor party a week or more before – you don’t want your groom to be hungover and not looking rested for the big day.
  • Shave - If a beard is part of your grooms’ everyday look, he should keep it.  Be sure to have him have it professionally trimmed and shaped. If he normally is clean shaven or a dons a scruffy look, go with the clean shave. A properly trimmed face will make you look well groomed and fresh.

One more big tip:  For any destination wedding or summer event – DON’T forget to wear sunscreen!  One of our funniest and most favorite “Grooming a Groomsman” stories was when we had a fella come and ask us if we could airbrush makeup is head…He was in Key West on vacation and went on a fishing trip with the rest of the guys the day before, apparently sans sunscreen…he did remember to wear a visor which in turn left a silly tan line on his bald head! 


Now that you know some of our tips – you should know how we can help!  Beauty Boutique can come to you – we offer Men's manicures and pedicures, eyebrow waxing, facials, back facials, massages, and cover up makeup ~ we are discreet too!


Beauty Tip Thursday ~ Airbrush Makeup 101

Here at the Glam Squad we know what it takes to get you and your girls looking extra fab on your big day.  One of our favorite recommendations to do just that is, Airbrush Makeup. 


Hiring a pro (like us!) is essential to making you and your entourage looking flawless.  Hiring the right Makeup Artist who uses their skills, techniques, and today's most innovative products is vital to creating beautiful photos you will treasure forever.

Airbrush Makeup whisks away worries brides can live without - with so much going on - who has time to fret over their makeup smearing, streaking, fading, or wearing off??

Here are just a few benefits to why it's so great:

  • Custom blended foundation colors (not every girl is the same!)
  • Creates a flawless complexion 
  • Lasts all day & night (from the first step down the aisle to the last move on the dance floor!)
  • Photographs beautifully
  • Water-based & hypoallergenic
  • Sweat, smear & tear resistant (sweating is a big factor for destination weddings)
  • Alcohol & oil free  
  • Beauty Boutique's Glam Squad will come to you!  (we can travel with our Airbrush kit and everything else, so getting ready is convenient and fun on the big day!)
Some things to remember with Airbrush is for the best effect - treat yourself to a hydrating facial the day before - this will help skin to looks supple and spot free.  If opting for Airbrush - be sure to do any facial waxing a couple of days before - you don't want to wax the day of or prior to the day you will getting your Airbrush applied.
See for yourself how it looks to be a flawless bride, here are some of our top Airbrush Makeup pics from the Beauty Boutique...









View More:


Which look is your favorite?

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Beauty Tip Thursday ~ The New Up-Do

About to be a bride or bridesmaid?  To ensure your wedding photos are looking glam and fabulous, you want you, and your girls, looking just that!

Many brides these days are requesting that their girls wear their hair up (especially for destination weddings where weather, wind, and humidity are unpredictable)…some ladies may cringe at the thought of wearing  a ponytail, pulling their hair/bangs back, or even baring shoulders.

But rest assured – just because it is an “Up-Do” doesn't mean your hair has to be on top of your head!  Here at  Beauty Boutique we know our glam...Have a look at some of these chic and sassy styles, and tell us your fave!

Chignons, Big Buns, and Braids…Oh My!

Key West, Florida

Can you say, "Blonde Bombshell"??


Add a fascinator or faux bloom clip to any style and it is sure to pop!  Plus, they can be worn again - surprise your hubby for your one year anniversary with a similar style and reuse your clip!



Loving the dual effects of this hairstyle, the long pony gives it the look of wearing it down, without all the worry of it falling flat...




We are excited to announce that these fabulous ladies below in blue, were just featured in the oh-so-popular Style Me Pretty Blog!  We can see why they are gorgeous!  

Are you loving their up-do style?

View More:


Beauty Boutique wants you to get your hair up with some of these fab new styles that are perfect transitional looks, chic options, and practical – especially for a tropical climate or destination wedding.

Whether it’s your wedding day, prom, or that special night on the town, let *US* help you find the right “do” that will be sure to turn heads! 

What is your favorite?

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Beauty Tip Thursday- Pre-Wedding Beauty Pampering

Ask any former bride and they will tell you that planning a wedding is stressful!  The dress, the shoes, the music, the venue and don't forget the details and your guests.  It is enough to drive any sane person insane.  Most people that have been in your shoes will tell you that hiring a wedding planner is the best thing they could've done, because it saved their sanity, as well as a lot of time.  We wholeheartedly agree that hiring a wedding planner can be a lifesaver, as well as a timesaver, relationship-saver, fun-saver and everything in between; but this post isn't about that.  It is about another piece of friendly advice that can save you a lot of stress when planning your wedding.  Let's talk about pre-wedding pampering! Who doesn't love to be pampered, especially before your wedding day?  You spend so much time planning for the big day that you deserve a little down time to relax before you walk down the aisle.  Everyone knows that a little pampering (manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, etc.) goes a long way...we are sure that is no surprise to you.  Here is a a surprise though...don't get your spa services too early!  Many brides think that they will save time and possibly money by getting their manicures, pedicures, massages and spray tans before they arrive for their destination wedding.  What many brides don't realize is that, by getting your spa services done too early, they can jeopardize the end result, especially when it comes to your nails.  To save yourself time, stress and even money, we suggest scheduling your spa services 1-2 days prior to your wedding.  This not only gives you time to de-stress and relax before your big day, but also the piece of mind to know that you don't have to worry about chipped or broken nails and streaky tans.  We also suggest getting a massage prior to your wedding day to help relieve the tension and stress brought on by planning the wedding of your dreams.  Getting a massage after you arrive for your wedding is good way to kick-off the week (or weekend) and helps you to de-stress, unwind and get in the right frame of mind before all of your friends and family arrive.

Most hotels offer spa services at their on-site spas, but at Beauty Boutique and the Glam Squad, we offer mobile, on-site spa services (as well as hair and makeup services for your big day).  Many of our brides even make a party of it by setting up a spa pampering party for their bridesmaids and moms at their hotel instead of going out the day or night before the wedding.  It is a good way to spend time with your nearest and dearest, while getting pampered and relaxing before your wedding day.  Order some food and champagne and have us come over for pampering slumber party.  Talk about a fun , low-key way to spend your last night as a single girl.

For more information on our spa packages, as well as a complete list of all of services, please contact us for more information.

Until next time, remember to Live Beautifully!

xoxo~The Glam Squad

The Importance of Professional Hair & Makeup for Your Wedding Day

What girl doesn't like to be pampered?!  More importantly, what girl doesn't like to be pampered and looking her best on her wedding day?  If you ask us, every bride not only wants to look and feel her best, but she deserves it too.  Some of our favorite moments with our brides (and even in photos from past clients) are when you can see them flirting with themselves in the mirror.  To us, it is a sign of a job wel done.  This feeling doesn't just apply to bride either.  The female members of the wedding party, including moms and grandmothers, all deserve to look and feel their best.

Many of our clients tell us that their attendants don't want to pay for professional hair and makeup services because they can either do it themselves, or they cannot afford to pay for it.  We understand that being in a wedding is a huge commitment, both time-wise and financially.  We often tell brides that providing professional hair and makeup services for the girls is one of the single-most important things they can do.   Our best advice for brides is to tell your bridesmaids to put a few dollars a week away in the months leading up to the wedding, and by the time the wedding rolls around, they will have enough money to splurge on professional hair and makeup for your big day.  Many brides also pay (either in-full or a certain dollar amount) towards the hair and makeup to make it more affordable for their girls.  Although we are a little biased on the subject, we truly believe that this small expense makes a big difference, both on the day of the wedding (less stress on everyone), as well as for years to come (photos last a lifetime).

After doing hair and makeup professionally for over 15 years, we can tell you that having your hair and makeup professionally makes a HUGE difference.  Every professional photographer will attest to this.  Below are a few reasons why you should hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your big day.

  • A hairstylist will make your hairstyle look good from EVERY angle the camera captures.  It's easy to do your own hair and make it look good from the front or the back, but there is no telling what angles the photographer will capture.  A professional will know how to make your hairstyle look balanced, full and flattering from the front, back, sides, top, whatever angle the camera captures.


  • -A makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features.  Highlighting and contouring in the wrong places can accentuate the wrong things, while highlighting and contouring in the right places will make you look your best
  • A hairstylist knows how to make the most of your hair type.  A lot of brides come to us saying "I don't know what you can do with this fine, thin hair" or "I don't know what you can do with this massive mane I have".  You would be amazed what a hairstylist can do with your hair!  Having experience with so many hair types, they will make your fine hair look full and your thick hair look proportionate.  It's not uncommon to have a bride leave saying "I didn't know my hair could do that!"Image
  • A makeup artist knows how to style for photographs.  Every day makeup looks great in person (see previous post), but there are a lot of different techniques when it comes to photos.ImageImage
  • Professional hairstylists and makeup artists use the right products and techniques to make your hair and makeup last ALL day.  It's one thing to look great when you leave your house that morning, it's another thing to still look great when you make your grand exit that night.  Professional makeup, hair tools and experience will all help you to look picture perfect all day long.ImageWe hope that that these few reasons help you realize the importance of professional hair and makeup for your big day, for not only yourself, but for your wedding party as well.  For more information or to schedule your wedding day beauty services, give us a call or email and we will be happy to create your perfect look.Until next time, remember to Live Beautifully!xoxo~The Glam Squad

How Much Make-Up is Too Much Make-Up?

This may sound like a crazy question, but we guarantee that almost every lady out there has asked themselves this question before.  We decided to use our Thursday Beauty Tip  to tackle this very question.  Luckily for us, we run into this topic more often than not. Have you ever been invited to an event and at the bottom of the invitation it says "Semi-Formal Attire Requested"? If you are like most people, you probably struggle with the definition of different attire styles: formal, semi-formal, business casual, evening casual...the list goes on and on!  Well, believe it or not, the same can be said of make-up (and hair) styles.From photo shoots that require a more natural look to weddings and formal events that need a more glamorous, dramatic look to even some of our favorite guys, who need, dare we say, a more over-the-top look; the list goes on and on for us as well! Believe us when we say, EVERYONE has a different definition!  We decided to break down the language of make-up styles and give you some ideas of what is natural, everyday, glamorous and over-the-top make-up is (to us anyway).

Natural Make-Up

The idea of a natural look is to appear as though you are not wearing any make-up, i.e. naturally beautiful.  Even the most natural looking celebrities and models have a lot of make-up on when you see them; however, it is possible to achieve the natural look without caking on the foundation and eyeshadow in order to appear as though you have nothing on.  Sometimes, giving the appearance of a "natural look" require applying more make-up then you may usually wear.  We have a lot of brides who request a "natural look", and while it is important for the bride to feel comfortable on their big day, it is also important to understand that the natural look does not show up in photos.  For this reason, we always suggest going for a more everyday look (see the next section for details) with a bit more emphasis on their best features (play up blue eyes with lashes or make your luscious lips the star with a beautiful color and gloss).  Below are some examples of a natural look.

The Lovely Ladies of We've Got The Keys (L to R)~Allison, Jen & Nadene

Everyday Make-Up

This is exactly what is says...the make-up look you wear everyday.  Think of your normal beauty routine and that is what you can expect here.  Many times, we encourage our clients to accentuate their best features, while still adhering to their normal beauty routine.

Nothing is more important than the eyebrows.  Be sure to fill in your brows if they are sparse because they are the framework of your face.  Trying using a powder and not a pencil for a more natural look.  Remember that the eyes are the one of the most important areas on your face, so why not play up your baby blues with a little mascara or accentuate your big brown eyes with a subtle, purple shadow.  Don't go overboard...a little goes a long way!  The best thing to remember is not overdue your everyday look.  You don't have to try every beauty trend each season; must pick one or two that will compliment your style and make it work for you. If don't ever wear lipstick, mixing red lips into your everyday look may be a little too much.  Save it for a special occasion when it requires you have a more glamorous look (next section).  You will see from the photos below that Natural and Everyday Make-Up are similar, and for you, it may be one in the same.  Check out some of our favorite everyday make-up looks.

Glamourous/Dramatic Make-Up

This look is more for special occasions (i.e. weddings, pageants, special events) and should be used to make you feel special, like the beauty queen you are!  Every lady should have the opportunity to have a more glamourous or dramatic look at least once.  Think more lashes, a little bit more eyeliner, shimmering shadow, a bold lip, all accentuated by a more formal hairstyle and a great dress!  When we do hair and make-up trials for our brides, we always tell them to try and wear something in a similar shape to their gown (especially neckline) so they can get an idea of what the final product will look like.  It is hard to get an idea of what your hair and especially your make-up will look like on your big day when you are wearing a tank top and sweatpants.  With that being said, this make-up look is not something that you will wear everyday.  Check out these photos of some beauty queens we recently had the chance to make-over for a special event. They definitely are glamourous and are bringing the drama with their make-up (and hair and dresses and their hair candy).

Special thanks to Key West Bridal for their fabulous (and colorful dress) that Kristin is wearing.  Hair candy is designed by Gypsy Petals.



Toni Michelle



Dress Courtesy of Key West Bridal

Over-The-Top Make-Up

We think this speaks for itself, but just in case there is any question, there are only a few occasions when someone can be this over-the-top and we think that the fabulous drag queens of Key West have it covered!  So, unless you are planning on being part of a performance, we think you should save this look for them, because they do it so flawlessly.  Stay fabulous ladies!


We hope that these descriptions help you the next time you are pondering which look you should go for.  When all else fails, give us a call or email and we will be happy to create your perfect look.

Until next week, remember to Live Beautifully!


~The Glam Squad


Beauty Tip Thursday-Holiday Glam Gift Guide


Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, we thought that we would dedicate this week's tip to glamorous gift items for everyone on your list from our friends at Sephora!

1. Luxe fragrances.  Pick her favorite statement scents.  Some our new favorites are Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Michael Kors Very Hollywood, and Coach Poppy.  If you are unsure of what scent to buy, then consider checking out their Collector's  Edition Fragrance Sampler.  It features 10 fragrance mini-bottles as well as voucher for a full-size bottle that the recipient can turn in for their favorite scent.  The sampler is $75, but is valued at $175.

2. Essentials for Him. Must haves for the modern man.  Our all-time favorite is Kenneth Cole Black, for Men, but if your guy is picky when it comes to scents (or maybe you are), then there are lots of options.  Just like their Collector's Edition Fragrance Sampler for women, Sephora also offers a Deluxe Fragrance Sampler Set for men.  For $50, you will receive 14 samples in a designer gift box, as well as voucher for a full-size product to be redeemed at a later date.


3. Big Deals.  Beauty items that are beyond worthy!  One of the best values at Sephora is their amazing gift sets, where you can get some of their best -selling products (and your favorites) bundled with new products that you haven't had a chance to try.  One of favorites is the The Bestsellers, which retails for  $75 and features 10 of Sephora's best-selling products, including 6 full-size items.  It includes everything from makeup to moisturizer to fragrance and more!  Our other favorites are Lashstash, Give Me Some Lip & Glitz & Glam, all for obvious reasons and all for under $50!

4. Palettes of Plenty. Color me pretty.  While some our most favorite palettes are from BH Cosmetics, Sephora offers plenty of wonderful palettes from Smashbox, Urban Decay, Sephora Collection, Bare Escentuals and many more!  One our favorites is the Urban Decay Naked Palette, which features 12 eyeshadows, an eyeshadow brush and Primer Potion for $48.

Just because it is the holidays doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money on gifts.  One our favorite things to do for our family and friends is make homemade gifts with a little flair,  Add a nice hair flower or small lip gloss to plate of cookies or your favorite drink mix.  Always remember to look in the travel size area at your favorite store for cute, mini items to get the most bang for your buck!

We hope that these gift ideas help inspire you this holiday season and we look forward to posting more tips next year.  Also, be on the lookout for a new feature in 2012...Wedding Wednesday, where we will feature one of our recent weddings every Wednesday!

We wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!


Beauty Tip Thursday-Spray Tan Tips

Last month, we had the pleasure to visit with one of our favorite Glam Squad members, Victoria, for a spray tan session.  We figured that since we regularly suggest this service to our brides, that we should experience it for ourselves first-hand.  After a quick session with Victoria, our skin was golden and beautifully sun-kissed, not the orange, cheeto look that many people associate with spray tanning and made famous by the cast of 'The Jersey Shore' or on 'Bride Wars.'

In order to achieve the best results for the perfect, even spray tan that will last (about 5-7 days, maybe more), please follow these helpful tips for before and after your session!

First, a little background.  Spray tanning is the future of the tanning business.  Unlike sun bathing and tanning beds, which are unsafe because they expose your skin to ultraviolet radiation, spray tanning involves dyes, which are sprayed directly on the skin.  Spray tanning is the safest alternative to sunbathing.

Tip #1: See a professional!  One of the best things about going to see Victoria was that she was able to determine our natural skin tone and decide which shade of tan and the amount of spray that worked best for us.  Many times, when you use an automated machine, the color can be too dark (or not enough) and you can risk getting caught in an awkward position over and over again if you are not ready or paying attention, ala Ross on 'Friends.'

Tip#2: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!  This is very important and will help you achieve the best results.  Exfoliation should be done prior to your spray tanning session.  Simply take a loofah or natural sponge along with some light exfoliating body wash or scrub and exfoliate your entire body while in the shower or bath.  Pay careful attention to the dry areas (i.e. elbows, knees, feet, etc.).  This helps to remove the dead skin cells, resulting in a longer, more even tan.  It is also helpful to shower before the session to remove any oils, lotions, sweat, deodorant, cosmetics, etc.

Tip #3: Wear loose, comfortable clothes.  It is important to be comfortable during your session.  We suggest wearing light, comfortable clothing (sundress, romper, etc.) in a darker color over whatever you are going to wear for the session.  When we went, we wore cute panties or a thong (depending on your tan lines wanted) and no bra, but many people wear a bathing suit or something similar.  It is up to you and whatever you feel most comfortable in.  Also, remove any jewelry, shoes, watches, etc before your session.  Anything touching the skin will result in patches on the skin and an uneven tan.  Remember, that is is best if you avoid tight-fitting clothing for 8-12 hours after your session so that your tan can fully develop.  Keep this mind when determining what to wear to your appointment (both to the appointment and underneath).

Tip #4: Let it dry!  Make sure you air-dry for about 5-10 minutes before putting your clothes back on.   Take a look at your body to check whether the dye is applied evenly or not. Wipe off the excess dye. Try to go home directly from the salon and avoid strenuous activities that cause sweating, which can affect the tan.

Tip #5: Avoid bathing or showering for 8-12 hours.  The best advice we can give after your session is to take a warm (not hot) bath and lightly, we repeat lightly, wash yourself with a soft washcloth.  This will help even out the tan and also help remove any over -spray from certain areas that may look darker than others (face, feet, arms).  A little bit of color may come off during the first bath after the spray tanning session. Spray tanning tips include avoidance of hot water, loofah, soap and exfoliants, during the first bath after tanning (It will be better, if you avoid these things for a few more days).  Also, remember to lightly pat yourself dry after the first bath.  it helps extends the life of the tan.

Tip #6: Enjoy your new glow!  Like we mentioned, by following these few simple tips, our tans lasted about 8 days.  It is important to keep your body hydrated and moisturized as well.  Repeated sessions will help to give you a more permanent tan.

If you are interested in booking a spray tan for your wedding or upcoming event or if you would like to see see what the excitement is all about us, send us an email ( and we will be happy to schedule one for you.  Remember, we are completely mobile, so we can come right to you.

Have a great week and until our next Beauty Tip Thursday, remember to live beautifully!

Girls Night Out~Key West Motives Party

Last month, we had the opportunity to team up with the staff at Key West Harbour to host a Girls Night Out event for some of their members.  The Glam Squad packed up and hit the road to beautify the lovely ladies complete with mini hair and makeup style makeovers.  We were thrilled to be able to set-up in such a beautiful location complete with delicious wine and appetizers, compliments of Key West Harbour.




Each of our attendees were welcomed with a goody bag, as well as tickets for our amazing drawings throughout the night, which featured appointments with members of the Glam Squad for facials, spray tans, hair cuts, etc.


After grabbing a snack and a glass of wine, the mini makeovers began.  At this event, we were featuring the newest cosmetic products on the market, Motives.


Our Glam Squad members showed each lady how they can simplify their makeup routine in just a few easy steps.  Many of the attendees admitted that they had not changed their beauty routine in years and were so happy about trying the new products!



After a quick visit to the makeup chair, it was on to the hair chair.  From curls with straightening irons to volume from hair product, we showed the ladies how to get the most out of their hair.




When the event was over, most of the ladies continued the party at the Harbour Restaurant and showed off their new looks to their family and friends.

The Glam Squad is looking forward to our next Girls Night Out event at Key West Harbour.  Until then, remember to live beautifully!

Fall Beauty Tips & Trends

Today is the first day of fall, and even though it doesn't feel like it in most parts of the country, it does start today!  In honor of the change in season, we are devoting this week's beauty tip post to changes in your beauty routine that should revolve around the change in temperature. When the season and temperature changes, so should your beauty routine.  Your hair and skin react differently to cooler climates, so you need to redefine your regimen to get the results you want to see. If you want to adapt when the weather gets colder, take note of these fall beauty tips to keep your skin healthy and your hair looking beautiful.

Prevent Chapped Lips

Many women only experience chapped lips in the Fall and Winter months. Avoid licking your lips and use a moisturizing lipstick in the daytime hours and apply lip balm before you go to bed. If you're a teen, enjoy the many lip products on the market for your age group and dazzle your smile.

To remove any unwanted dry skin off of your lips, you can exfoliate them with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. In a pinch, add a dab of Vaseline to protect them.

Now that we are just past the autumnal equinox, it is time to shake up your beauty routine to adjust for the cooler months coming. The Fall is a time of change. Making small and subtle changes now will help you look and feel your best this season.

Here are some Fall beauty tips that are easy to incorporate into your routine.


As the winds change, it is likely that your skin will be exposed to dryness and chapping. Look to the produce of the season to prepare a nourishing mask for your skin. Pumpkin is ideal – not only is it high in vitamin A, C and antioxidants, it has wonderful moisturizing properties.

Prepare a mask of 2 Tbs cooked pumpkin and 1 Tbs honey. Apply it all over your face and leave for about 10-15 minutes before washing off.


Just as the trees shed their leaves you also tend to shed more hair during this season. Condition your scalp to strengthen fine, new hairs right at the beginning of their growth period.


Your nails are likely to become brittle as the weather changes. Keep them well filed to avoid snags that lead to ripping and breakage. Also avoid fast drying nail polishes as they contains isopropyl alcohol (IPA) which causes them to become even more brittle and flaky.

Moisturize your nails and hands with a thick natural moisturizer. Sesame oil is wonderful, you need just a few teaspoonfuls. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to help keep harmful bacteria away (especially from your toenails).


It’s likely you will have put away your summer shorts in favor of jeans, trousers and stockings. Even though you cannot see the dry skin on your legs, it exists and will probably increase through the season. It’s an ideal time to exfoliate.

Prepare a scrub from 1/2 cup cooked, pureed pumpkin and 1/2 cup brown sugar. Apply to your body using gentle, circular motions and then rinse off with warm water.

We hope that these simple beauty tips help inspire you as you prepare for fall.  Check back next week when we talk tips for spray tanning.

Have a great weekend!

Top 10 Wedding Beauty Tips-Part 2 of 2

It's Thursday, which means it is time for another beauty tip!  This week, we continuing our Top 10 Wedding Beauty Tips series we started last week.

6. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is easier said then done, but, trust us, it works. It keeps your complextion refreshed, vibrant, & healthy looking. If you just despise water, throw a little lemon or lime in it or for a crisper taste, toss in cucumber slices. It is also really important to not drink too much alcohol the night before. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 7. Schedule your spray tan 2 days prior to your wedding.   Ladies, it’s SO important that you schedule your spray tan 2 days before your big day so that you have time for the tan to settle into your skin.  It is also very important to exfoliate your entire body prior to getting your spray tan.  You will end up with better overall results.  Spray tanning is also a good way to cover-up unwanted blemishes, and in some cases, pesky tattoos. 8. Makeup Setting Spray- Setting your makeup is so important, that we had to mention it twice!  A Florida bride must! Urban Decay All Nighter & Model in a Bottle are go-to’s.  A light mist of hairspray also works well...we know it sounds crazy, but it works.  After attending an event this past weekend where everyone was sweating and their makeup was running, we kept getting compliments on how flawless our makeup looked! 9. Faux eyelashes...opt out for strip lashes- If you want false eyelashes, individuals or clusters look more  natural.  We recently triple-lashed a bride with individual lashes and it added some much drama to her overall look.  Individual lashes look more natural too. 10. Lip exfoliant before applying lip color! Jane Iredale Sugar Butter Lip Exfoliant is a  favorite.. and it’s edible!  We also prefer to use a lip liner and a gloss instead of a lipstick to prevent the lip from flaking or drying out.

 That's it!  If you follow these simple beauty tips, you will be sure to look flawless on your wedding day and beyond!

Check back next Thursday when we feature our top fall beauty trends.

Have a great weekend!